The 6 Essential Laws Of Karma That Will Reshape Your Future


My general rule of thumb when I hit a brick wall is to stop, assess the situation around me, work out what went wrong and then figure out how I can avoid it from happening again. Obviously, I’m speaking metaphorically here, but the same rule applies to both physical and psychological events. After all, if it were a real-life brick wall, you wouldn’t keep running into it, would you? Common sense tells you that’s stupid, so why would you do anything differently when you approach a mental one?

Let’s put things into perspective.

We are only on this planet for an average of 27,375 days (75 years), of which 11,890 of those are spent at work (32.5 years) and 9,125 (25 years) are spent asleep. Okay, crunch time…with that calculation in mind, it means 6,360 days are all we have left to play with – that’s about 17 years! Meaning that, for approximately 22% of our lives, we are awake and free. However, we also have to incorporate the fact that, during some of that time, our freedom will be hogged by other extraneous variables such as illness, waiting in line, eating meals and even going to the loo (it had to be said!) which means that rather measly percentage shrinks even further.

When you think about it like that, it makes you realize just how important it is to make the most of your life.

We need to make those days count!

So, here I am, embarking on a mission to turn around from said “brick wall” and work out how to change things by doing the only sensible thing I can think of.

Following the Laws of Karma.

Many of us think that this concept is one dimensional (You do good, you get good. You do bad, you get bad etc.) But it doesn’t actually work that way.

Karma is about acknowledging the world around us and all the opportunities that dwell within it, and how we can utilize our nature to its best potential in accordance with it. AKA, unite the knowledge of yourself and these laws with a sense of will and apply it to the path you wish you travel down. Because as much as we think our nature imposes an inevitable destiny, the truth is that we have the power to experiment with how we use it. We are our own guide, learning to read the unwritten map of the universe. And although we may not always get it right, once these forces are fully understood and we use the tools we’ve been given more wisely, we will begin to look at life with the possibility to keep moving forward.

Determination has no limitation and the opportunities you will find by following that belief will be endless. But until that moment of strength comes, read through these 6 essential Laws of Karma to aid your focus.

1) THE GREAT LAW – This is also known as the “Law of Cause and Effect” – whatever we put out in the Universe is what comes back to us. So, if what we want is friendship, for example, then what we should be is a true friend. You reap what you sow. But just like the harvest takes a long time to grow, you must be patient with the seeds that you have planted.

2) THE LAW OF CREATION – Life doesn’t just happen, it requires our participation. We are one with the Universe, both inside and out. Every outward change begins with an internal shift. Therefore, in order for what we desire to manifest in the outside world, we must first manifest it on the in.

3) THE LAW OF GROWTH – “Wherever we go, there we will be.” For us to grow in spirit, we must be willing to change ourselves – not the people, places or things around us. Perception is key. It’s not about what we see, but how we see it.

4) THE LAW OF CHANGE – Nothing stays the same in this world. However, if we continue to make the same mistakes, history will repeat itself until we learn our karmic lesson. Reality will only change once we apply ourselves more directly to the situation and increase our understanding of it.

5) THE LAW OF CONNECTION – Everything in the Universe is connected. Each small step we take leads to the next one on our overall journey. Even if they seem inconsequential at the time, they’re all props that set the stage for your whole life. Past, Present and Future, they are all as one and they are all vital when assessing your next move.

6) THE LAW OF SIGNIFICANCE AND INSPIRATION – You get back what you put in. There is a direct link between the amount of energy and intention applied to a situation in relation to the value that results from it. All personal contributions are also contributions to the collective community. Ultimately, no matter how different we all are, we are one. So create contributions that add meaning to your life and inspire others.

Life is basically a game of trial and error. Not everything works out the way you expect it to first time around. But you’ve just got to learn to keep pushing on whilst being wise and respectful with your movements.

Remember, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” (Lao Tzu) So whilst you may not be there yet, rest assured, you’re heading in the right direction.