So You Made A Mistake, This Is Why That’s Alright


This article is not written to tell you, “go on make a mistake” but to reassure you that whenever you make a mistake, it’s alright! Everybody makes mistakes.

Just like what the old saying say, “Nobody’s Perfect.” There will come a time in your life that the people around you will judge you for who you are or for what you’ve become and that’s okay. Show them that though they are trying to bring you down, nothing they say affects you and you’re strong enough to stand on your own.

I think it’s time for you to realize your worth! Some people might criticize you and bully you because you don’t belong with what the society is demanding you to be, but know that you don’t have to cope and just be someone you want to be. Be unique for hell’s sake.

Your friends are there to accept you for who you are. They are here to support you with whatever stupid decision you make and no matter how deep you are in the lowest point of your life, they are here to go through your hardest time and will help you get through the eye of the needle. They are here to be as crazy and as wild, and will always be by your side.

If you’re hanging with the friends who always judge or criticize you, trying to control your life, and friends who talk behind your back, leave them. You deserve better friends who will tell you everything you have to change! You may not know that maybe while they are helping you mend your broken hearts, they are broken as well so don’t ever forget to compliment your friends every once in a while cos it might help.

Your family are the ones who will stay loyal. People might come and go, but they are always there. Despite all the mistakes you make, they might get mad at first but they’ll understand. They know you from the day you were born and they will never get tired of you. They may not always support your decisions but maybe that’s because they know something better will come. They’ve seen you at your worst and will love every flaw. They are the surest shoulders you can lean on and will even lend their whole arm.

They may sometimes pressure you and be demanding with who and what they want you to be, but always remember that they are doing this because it’s for you and they want you to have a bright future.

Your partner in crime will eventually come. S/he’ll understand all your tantrums, do crazy/stupid things with you, and s/he’ll never ask you to change and will love and accept you for who you are. S/he’ll be the one who will support you with whatever decisions you make and s/he’ll not let go of your hand just because you did something wrong, and if you did, s/he’ll tell it to you sincerely and will not get mad at you and leave you. Remember that they are humans too and are not perfect, so whenever s/he’ll make a mistake, understand them, forgive them and just love love love

God is there to forgive you for your sins and will love you still as long as you ask for forgiveness. He is the one person who will surely never leave your side, the one person who knows and understands what is going through your minds, and the one person who will surely love you no matter what. No matter how broken you are, He will still be there and love you despite your imperfectness. He will be the one to guide you to go back to the right path for the future he plans for you whenever you seem to lose track. He is the one who will never forget about you though they may be times you do. And if you lose hope, know that you’ll never lose Him, know that even if you only remember Him when you are in a downfall, He never forgot about you. Not even in a millisecond.