To The Friends Who Feel More Like Family


I’ve always been afraid of being alone. I’m not someone who can last long without interaction, which is why I constantly find myself hanging onto many people even when they’re toxic for me. Over the years, I’ve had my fair share of failed friendships. From the kinds of friends who worshiped their boyfriends to the ones who were outright snarky and overbearing, I had endured them all. It was exhausting and I eventually decided that I was no longer going to pursue this relentless hunt for excessive friendships. I already had everybody I ever needed.

This goes out to the friends who would literally go the extra mile for me. The people who know me better than I know myself. They are the people who go out of their way to remind me who I am when I forget.

These are the people who laugh at my bad jokes and crack even worse ones. The people who I can spend hours on end with and never get tired of.

These are the people who leave their phones on loud at 3 am when they know I’m out late. They pick up my calls and respond to every absurd, intoxicated text I send.

These are the people who get me an extra large bag of Doritos and spend the night when they know I’m hurting. They make me binge-watch old romcoms until they’re sure that I’ve laughed my problems away.

When I don’t believe in myself, these are the people that do. They would do just about anything to show that to me.

These are the people who make me completely forget about my fear of being alone, because now I never am.

And even after I’ve hurt them over and over again, these are the people who come back and forgive me anyways.

They aren’t my friends; they are family.