Social Media Sobriety Test is Created


“Each night, millions of people are affected by drunk posting,” the narrator says, the screen showing a picture of a baby posted on Facebook with a comment underneath that says “Your baby has a big head!” In an effort to reduce such embarrassment associated with being drunk and making unseemly comments like these on Facebook, WebRoot has created a program that requires the user to take one of a number of sobriety tests before they log on.

The tests are modeled after drunk driving tests. In the video, we see a user (apparently drunk) attempting to follow a finger with his cursor for a couple seconds. The user fails, and the program updates his status with “Dan Latham is too intoxicated to post right now.” This seems equally, kind of, embarrassing and “shaming” as calling someone’s baby’s head “big,” but maybe it’s kind of ironic and funny?

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