Some Questions For Kylie Jenner, The Youngest ‘Self-Made’ Billionaire


1. What does “self-made” mean to you?

2. Who was the first sister you texted after finding out that you were officially taking the title?

3. What lessons have your sisters and your mom taught you about success and building an empire?

4. There are only about 580 billionaires in the US compared to over half a million homeless people. Do you support the idea of taxing the 1% at a higher rate in order to redistribute wealth across our country as well as support programs that help people in a lower economic bracket?

5. What charities do you support?

6. Are you aware that if you donated a million dollars every month for 3 years to an organization, that would still only total about 3.6% of your total wealth?

7. What’s your favorite lip kit shade you’ve ever made?

8. Have you ever considered making a lip shade that would be completely dedicated to charity or solving a crisis now that you’re a billionaire? Flint, Michigan for example, hasn’t had clean drinking water since 2014. The estimated cost for fixing the city’s water pipes is roughly 55 million dollars, again only about 5.5% of your wealth.

10. You were only 19 during the 2016 election and it was the first time you could vote for a Presidential candidate. What was it like voting for the first time during such a divisive election and how has observing the political climate post-Trump changed and/or solidified your views politically?

11. What do you think about the widening gap in income inequality in America today? How is that something you think we could fix?

12. Do your sisters ever ask you for money? Does Rob? (Be honest.)

13. When is Stormi going to get an allowance? Will she have chores? How will you help define “self-made” for her as her mother?

14. What are your thoughts on Elizabeth Warren’s proposed “wealth tax” on the super-rich?

15. You wore an $8,000, snakeskin Tom Ford suit to pose for Forbes when announcing your billionaire status. Did you know that the average annual income for single mothers in this country is only $35,000? How could we as a nation better serve those who need assistance and help financially and economically?

16. How do you plan to use your billionaire status to better the world that you, your family, your loved ones, and your daughter live in?

17. Would you ever record a song like “Jam (Turn It Up)”?

18. What’s the biggest thing you’ve ever splurged on?