This Is Why You’re Facing A Quarter-Life Crisis, Based On Your Jungian Personality Archetype


1. The Innocent

As an Innocent, you’re used to following the rules without question, adhering to traditional values, and doing the “right” thing as if your elders and superiors were watching you at all times. However, you’re driving yourself crazy trying to keep up with the image of perfect purity for the sake of tradition that you’re losing yourself, but at the same time, you feel guilty for even thinking about leaving the safe cocoon that people in your closed circle are trying to keep you sheltered in.

2. The Everyperson

As an Everyperson, you just want to find a place where you belong and pay your dues as a good citizen. Although you have a job that’s practical and pays just enough for you to live on, you’re being judged by other people for not living your best life or meeting your full potential. You’re not inclined to seek out greatness or pursue a life that’s outside of your comfort zone because an ordinary life is all you want and you honestly don’t mind following the same routine. But it’s easy for you to feel like you’re inferior to others, especially when you see how people on social media are traveling around, starting their own businesses, preaching about how bad it is to be an ordinary consumer, and retiring early.

3. The Hero

As a Hero, you’re always desiring to fight for a cause and rescue those who need help, especially those who are disadvantaged and face more barriers to a middle-class life. You’re politically charged, you want the world to change, and you want to make a significant impact as early as you can. But you’re feeling aggravated because you’re surrounded by disillusioned and money-minded people who just want to get by and sometimes, your fiery arguments scare people away. You also don’t know if you can put up with a few more years at a job where you’re not directly changing policies to help people. You’re fed up with lack of action, but you’re stuck where you’re at and it’s killing you inside.

4. The Caregiver

As a Caregiver, you love to help others, which is why you chose to work in a service-oriented job (teaching, nursing, social work). But you’re struggling right now because of how painful it is to watch people struggle so much, even when you’re overexerting yourself to help them stand on their own. You sometimes feel like quitting your job, not because you question your competence, but because of how heart-wrenching it is to witness people either failing miserably or facing harsh circumstances that you have absolutely no control over. You also find that you’re neglecting yourself because you always put others’ needs high above your own.

5. The Explorer

As an Explorer, you’re currently on the off-beaten path, both physically and existentially. You’ve gone through numerous job changes, lived in over 10 different places for less than three months each, and fell in love with multiple people, but you’ve never settled. You love the thrill of new adventures, but you’re starting to feel so weary of hopping from place to place and you always feel like you’re missing something inside, no matter how many times you’ve changed your surroundings. You’ve found that through all the excitement and newness of everything you’ve experienced, there’s a sinking feeling of emptiness that you can never escape from and it’s unnerving because you feel like there should be a place you can call home, but at the same time, you absolutely dread settling down.

6. The Rebel

As a Rebel, you’re realizing that questioning authority every chance you get isn’t helping you, especially in your career. More often than not, it’s hindering you and causing management to distrust you even more, and you rarely cooperate with your coworkers. You stubbornly hold onto the belief that you’re right and authorities are wrong, but you’re starting to see how futile it is to disobey orders as frequently as you do and not everything has to be a cause for you to prove that you’re right all the time. Still, you have a difficult time processing this, even when you know deep down that your rebellious ways aren’t helping you grow or thrive in a world that depends on mutual understanding and cooperation to get things done.

7. The Lover

As a Lover, you’re always striving to please others and it’s starting to take a toll on your health and sanity. You also have a tendency to be trapped with people who don’t have your best interests in mind (in work, romantic relationships, and friendships) because you’re too afraid of striking out on your own and your identity revolves around how well you make others feel loved and appreciated. You clearly aren’t happy where you’re at if you’re giving so much and receiving so little, but your fear of being alone and unwanted overrides your desire to take good care of yourself and say “no” to all the things you can’t do.

8. The Creator

As a Creator, you’re struggling with trying to turn your abstract dreams into concrete realities. You want to touch people with your art and live an individualistic life with an endless flow of creative energy, yet you’re still constrained by what you have to do to survive (and the jaded feeling you’re trying to avoid is threatening to consume you). You’ve spent much of your twenties feeling burnt out because you’re trying to rush your art and fulfill all of your dreams before you turn 30, yet somehow you feel like you’re not doing enough. You struggle with perfectionism, envy of those who have succeeded quicker than you, and imposter syndrome, and you’re questioning if it’s even possible for you to make it in a creative field based on how much you doubt yourself and your ability to create good, marketable art without sacrificing who you are in the process.

9. The Jester

As a Jester, you don’t take yourself too seriously and you’re always down for a good time, whether it’s conducive to your future or not. But reality is hitting you in the face and you can’t ignore all the “boring” adult things that you’ve been procrastinating on. Beneath your carefree exterior, you’re panicking inside because you feel like you don’t have your shit together as much as other people due to the fact that you live for the moment and postpone thinking about the future as much as you can. You’re afraid of sobering up to the harsh reality of adulthood because you feel like you’ll lose a significant part of yourself and your happy-go-lucky lifestyle.

10. The Sage

As a Sage, you’re full of enlightening ideas on how to live a better life and you’re also quite intelligent due to the fact that you’re a specialist in a certain field that not many people have the patience to study. However, you’re too much in your head and you struggle with turning your knowledge into something practical and easy-to-understand, which is something you aren’t too keen on doing because you enjoy spending hours poring over extensive materials and just basking in the knowledge and wisdom of the greats who lived before your time. You have a difficult time reconciling your desire to enlighten yourself and the need for you to prove that you can utilize that specialized knowledge for a concrete purpose.

11. The Magician

As a Magician, you want to create miracles in people’s lives by transforming the way they perceive themselves and the world around them. You’re deeply inspired by self-help gurus and you want to be like one, but you’re struggling with setting yourself apart and presenting your vision in a genuine manner because a lot of people are wary of how manipulative people of your Archetype can be. You wrestle with self-doubt because you want to make something borderline magical which can capture people’s attention, but you also understand that there are negative consequences for presenting false information that could possibly hurt those you intend to help.

12. The Ruler

As a Ruler, you want control and power, and your domineering personality makes you a natural-born leader. You believe you know what’s best for the people who are subordinate to you, and you’re ruthless in ensuring that people do as you tell them, but you don’t always make people feel valued since you’re so busy bossing them around and reprimanding them when they make a mistake. A lot of people are actually afraid of you and they feel like they can’t be their natural selves around you. Deep down, you’re feeling disconnected from them and you’re doubtful of your abilities, but you struggle with the idea of not having control over everyone. Being a powerful leader doesn’t mean you’re always right, having rigid expectations for others does more harm than good, and you need to listen to the thoughts and ideas of others in order to become a more effective leader that people are more willing to support and trust.