Sometimes All You Need Is Courage


We can’t avoid the reality that the world we live in is harsh, challenging, and dangerous. Life is often unfair for us to cope with. Sometimes we need to undergo a multitude of difficulties to reach our goal and find or happiness. Even though circumstances might be terrifying, we must always cling on to courage to guide us along the way.

Have you ever experienced desiring something that you’d be willing to die for? Do you have dreams and ambitions in life that you think are too impossible to attain? Do you feel frustration raging within your heart, discouraging you to move forward and never give up? These things happen to all of us whether we know it or not, whether we like it or not. We can’t escape such instances that fail to connect us to what we desire the most in life. There are certain hindrances that block us and delay us from achieving our goals and seeing them happen.

In cases when we think that the weight of the world is upon us and that we are faced in certain situations that do not allow us to escape, we just have to realize that we must push through to survive. Others say that giving up is not an option, but we must also keep in mind that there are cases when we just have to give things up. This is a part of survival. I’m not saying that we must give up easily. My point is that if we are striving for something that is pointless and evidently unachievable, we must know that we are just wasting our time with things that do not even benefit us. But if there are certain goals that show an undisputed possibility for us to reach and we know that these goals could contribute something good for ourselves and for the rest of humanity, all we have to do is pull up the courage to achieve them.

We can’t blame anyone for the unfortunate events that happen in our lives. There may be some people or occurrences that contribute to our misery, but the way we handle life boils down to us. It is how we manage life that makes us capable of achieving success. It doesn’t matter if we get hurt along the way. It’s normal. We are human beings. We fear, we cry, we stumble and fall, but we may stand up and continue. Life is meaningless without pain. Happiness will not be known when sadness is non-existent. Success is unknown when failure doesn’t happen.

We are born in this cruel world, we are sent to be part of this harsh reality. We are given choices to practice our freedom to do things on our own – these depend on how we see life from our perspective and how we respond to the things we experience. We can’t deny that there will always be problems in all the events that happen. We need to live through them, to survive and breakthrough. We need to elongate our limitations and learn to use our strengths for the right reasons. We have dreams. We are faced with trials in chasing those dreams.

As we continue to traverse on the path of life, we must always pull up the courage to move forward. We may live alone but it is a reasonable fact that courage is what we need to live in this unforgiving world.

featured image – The Wizard Of Oz