Stop Bitching About Being Single Because It’s Truly Not That Bad


If you’re still single in your twenties people just go ahead and assume that there’s something wrong with you. (…Or, you’re just plain ugly)

It’s okay to be single.

And you shouldn’t feel bad about it either. Being single isn’t so bad after all. Being single means you are taking the time to really figure yourself out. And temporarily putting the whole relationship part on hold. Being single means you can fully spread your wings and fly anywhere that you want to go. And you can spend those precious moments with yourself, really listening to your own thoughts. It means that you’re able to take your sweet time without having to worry whether you’re slowing someone else down.

Being single means you can have your own space, and you can choose what that space will look like. It means you are able to do whatever you want, whenever you want, without having to worry how any of it is going to affect another person. Being single means you won’t settle for just anybody all so that you have a warm body to sleep next to tonight.

These people usually end up the happiest. And that’s because they know love isn’t the central part of existing. They know that love isn’t the only thing that can bring them happiness. Being single teaches you the importance of always putting yourself first. It shows you how to make most out of life. And teaches you to never waste your time by chasing after anyone or anything.

Being single means you have a long bucket list. And you sure as hell aren’t going to wait around to start checking things off of it. It means you can live your life with spontaneity and passion. And if you want to go somewhere or want to see something, you can. With, or without a significant other.

Being single means you make your own plans. You live by your own set of rules. It means you won’t sacrifice any of that in order to keep someone else satisfied. And it means you will never compromise your strong sense of individuality for any relationship, that’s for DAMN sure.

Being single forces you to spend a lot of time with yourself.

And by doing that you have found a sense of comfort in being alone. You’ve discovered how incredible you really are. And how you don’t need anyone else to validate that. Being single means you aren’t a settler. You won’t settle. It means you’ve gained enough patience to wait until someone worth while comes along. Someone who is everything you’ve ever wanted and more. And although you know your Knight in Shining Armor is out there somewhere, you’re in no rush to find him. You’re too busy working on yourself, by yourself, for yourself. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

Just because you’re single right now that doesn’t mean you always will be. Being single really just means you are taking your time with love. You want it to be right and you want it to be real. And when the time comes, it will be. It won’t be forced. And it won’t be just a way to fill the time. It will be with someone who will never give up on you, because you have never given up on yourself.