Stop Chasing Her


Stop chasing her because first of all, she doesn’t want to be chased. 

She’s running away from you because she’s finally realized her worth; that she’s more than your lame excuses about why you couldn’t make it on your date or why you’re late. She’s more than a pretty face for you to waste. She’s the kind woman who is worthy of all the efforts you could have given, but you didn’t. Because you were too focused on your selfish needs.

She’s running away from you because she finally chose and wants to love herself more.

She has now accepted the fact that you’ll never love her in the way she deserves to be loved. She’s more than your ego, mixed signals, and doubts about you being committed to her. She actually knew all of that, and still, she chose to love you with all of her heart. But this is now the best time for her to stop.

Stop chasing her because she doesn’t owe you anything. She loved you the best way she knew how and it’s not her fault if you never felt or appreciated that. She’s not the girl who clings to temporary people. Maybe moving on really is hard, but leaving you is a big and painful step for her. 

Stop chasing her because you know you’re only fooling yourself. If you really wanted her in your life, you wouldn’t have put yourself in the position of losing her. Because if you really loved her, she wouldn’t feel alone and unloved every time she was with you.

And if you do love her, let her go. Because if she stays with you, she’ll keep on hurting. She’ll lose herself along the way until nothing is left with her; that amazing girl who once swept you off your feet will become the girl whom everyone thinks is pitiful just because she fell in love with someone like you.

So if you really do care, stop chasing her.