Stop Expecting Me To Treat You Better Than You Treat Me



You take days to answer texts, sometimes you don’t even bother to answer back at all, but you get annoyed when it takes me more than a few minutes to answer you back.

You cancel plans at the last second, without giving me a proper warning, but expect me to clear my schedule whenever you are free and want me to drop by your place.

You flirt with other girls in front of me, you don’t even bother to hide it, but get jealous whenever I mention another boy because you expect me to treat you with respect.

You refuse to put a label on our relationship, because you would rather stay single so you aren’t officially tied down and can keep your options open, but you expect me to stay loyal to you and only you.

You are completely unreliable, but you expect me to be there at any time you need me. You never open yourself up to me, but you get pissed off when I hold myself back. You barely put any effort into our relationship, but you expect me to bend over backwards to make you happy.

I am sick of your hypocrisy. I am tired of your unfair expectations.

You need to stop this. Stop expecting me to treat you better than you treat me. Stop holding me to an unfair standard. Stop assuming that you deserve my attention, but I don’t deserve yours.

If I went MIA out of the blue or posted pictures with other boys or took days to answer your texts– if I did half of the things that you have done to me — then you would flip out. You would stop talking to me. You would decide that I am not worth your energy. Because that is not the way you deal with someone you care about. I am finally realizing that now.

I can’t keep putting in effort, hoping that you will finally see how well I treat you and will decide to return the favor. I can’t stay in this one-sided relationship and act like I am happy.

I am not happy. Because you pick and choose when you want to pay attention to me. Because you think the unfair way you treat me is okay. Because you assume that you can do anything to me and I will never leave.

You can’t expect me to allow you to take advantage of me like this. To walk all over me. To treat me like I am lesser.

So far, I haven’t said anything because I really do like you. I really wanted to make this work. I wanted to give you a fighting chance. I wanted to give you enough time to change your tune, to turn into the kind of person I deserve.

But I am not going to do it anymore. I am not going to be the person who cares more. The person who tries her hardest, even though it’s clear her best is never going to be good enough.