The Beauty In Being Vulnerable


You built yourself up once again so carefully, but who’s gonna shatter you once again?

‘Cause you know, we’re made of glass underneath it all, you can hide yourself or your vulnerability, but someone is born to see through you, and everything you never wish for others to discover,

Oh you’re going to hate them, but soon you won’t be able to live without them, you’ll search for them when they’re not in your sight, you’ll voluntarily take all your armor and clothes off so they can see everything you are, you’ll smile as they devour everything that burdened you all these years, and you’ll see your hands undoing their armor and their clothes, so you can repay the favour,

Oh, you’ll both lighten each other from the weight of existence,

Like the clouds disappear and you can see the sun setting at last,

The colours of truth, like the orange sun rays, will be everywhere,

You won’t need to hide anything, neither your smile nor your tears in the dark,

Everything is forgiven, everything has ended, nothing new is starting,

You can stay in this moment for as long as you want, you can do whatever you want, no limits on your feelings at last,

Feel everything, the joy, the pain, the longing, the redemption; everything in the world now exists for you to feel it all, feel everything like you’ll lose the ability to feel soon.

Life is vulnerability, and don’t let anyone convince you otherwise, don’t turn to stone, don’t turn to dust, don’t rust so easily,

Live at least once, feel once more, just one more time. Give yourself a million second chances for you deserve them more than anyone else in your life.