Stop Ignoring Your Unhappiness


We all feel it when it’s happening. Everything seems like it’s going great on paper. She is the perfect girl. He has all the qualities you could ever want. This job syncs perfectly with your life outside of work. But you know it isn’t right.

You hear that voice in the back of your mind. You are focusing on all of the positives, but ignoring those things that keep tugging at you.

People say all the time to trust your gut, so much so that it is almost cliché. But with every cliché, there is truth in it. We all know when our brain, our heart, our soul is trying to warn us of something. We know when the alarm is going off internally, alerting us of some danger we are trying to justify away. She may be the perfect girl except for that one area, but look how many other positive qualities she has. He is such a catch, but he does that one thing that in any other relationship would be a deal breaker.

The job works so well and the money is good, but you are so stressed at the end of the day you don’t have the energy to enjoy the life it so perfectly syncs up to.

It’s because we are afraid. We are afraid that we are going to let that person go and then we will never find any one like them again. We are afraid if we quit that job we will be stuck working odd jobs just to make ends meet. So we overlook them and we try to be grateful for what we have.

So many people would love to be in our shoes, right? The problem is that it’s slowly eating away at you. The more you repress it, the louder those voices get and the more bitterness you start to have over it.

Little things start to turn into big things. You blow up at them and have no idea why. You drag yourself through every day of work, exhausted and worn out by the end of the week.

We all deserve the pursuit of happiness. It is not wrong to invest our time and energy into people that bring value to our lives and things that we love.

It isn’t wrong to make a change when something doesn’t feel right. We deserve to be able to trust ourselves. If it drains more energy than it replenishes, it is worth evaluating. Don’t let yourself compromise just because you are worried that it won’t get any better than this. If those things keep coming up in your mind, give them some time. Do some soul-searching and reflect on it.

No one knows your inner workings like you do, so don’t be afraid to let something go if it feels off. Trust yourself because you’ll know the difference between fear and red flags.