What Love Felt Like With You


I haven’t been in love for years
and yet, when I think
of those four letters
I can feel you.

I’m not in love like I was at seventeen
but I’m still very much
in love with what we
used to be.

When I close my eyes
and stretch out my fingertips
I can hear your voice
and I can feel your hands
twist into mine.

Love with you
felt like my favorite song
on replay over and
over again.

Love with you
was summer every day
and rolling windows open
on October nights.

Love with you
was cheesy
it was everything
that I roll my eyes at now.

I can still taste my heartbeat
in my mouth
when I think of 17
and August sunrises.

I taste all that blue
all that blue when I think
of our last thunderstorm
and midnight moon.

Love with you
was infinite
and I think that’s why
I still see your face
when the snow starts melting
off my window panes.

And I think that’s why
I still feel your warmth
when my mind starts
forgetting what love
used to be.