Stop Searching For Your ‘Mr. Big’ And Find Your ‘Aidan’


Before we even enter our teens and are allowed to experience anything close to love, we are surrounded by all these different channels trying to tell us what love is.

What we don’t realize is that they aren’t really trying to tell us what love is, they are in fact trying to sell us what love is. And boy, do we buy it!

Why? There is a reason it sells. Because it’s worth watching!

But someone needs to shake us and tell us that what is worth watching is not always worth living. You don’t really wake up with the sunlight making your face slowly glisten do you? Snoozing alarms sound more familiar?

And you don’t really spend all your time with your friends in a coffee shop all day either? Messaging back and forth to gather even half the group at one time ring a bell? Well, don’t you think the same thing applies to love?

Let’s talk about Sex and the City. They had us all swooning over the Carrie-Big love story, didn’t they? If you really think about it though, the man refused to commit for 10 years! He broke her heart multiple times and even left her at the altar!

I’m sorry, but that’s only romantic on screen. If this happens to you in life, run. Please run fast and don’t ever turn back.

Think about it, does that really sound like a man you can trust? He could have woken up two years later and left again with a note saying ‘I tried, I really did, only for you, but I cannot do this anymore – to you or to me.’

Suddenly sounds romantic again doesn’t it? That is the magic of words and acting! But no, that wouldn’t have been romantic, it would have been devastating.

Don’t get yourself to believe you’re going to change a man that never wanted to commit or that you’re going to be the one to fix him. Darling, why settle for something broken in the first place?

And you know what the truth is? Men aren’t even that complicated! If they really care enough, they’ll let you know. If they really want to be with you, they will not stop until they’ve tried every thing in their control to make that happen.

So next time someone says, ‘I’m just afraid of relationships, I’m not there yet,’ or ‘I don’t want to mess this friendship up,’ quit reading between the lines.

I’m not against movie romance — if anything I could be the brand ambassador for it. Seriously, I’m a hopeless romantic. Candles, perfect date nights, dancing in the kitchen, nostalgic proposals, handwritten letters, handmade gifts, cooking together, happy endings, and the forever kind of love – all good!

All I’m saying is pursue that with the right guy who is waiting to give you all that and more instead of sticking around for the wrong guy hoping for the day he’s going to turn around and realize how you were meant to be all along.

If a guy takes years to figure out that you’re the one, honey, he isn’t the one. The right guy will know what he has when he has you in his arms and he will never let you go. That’s the one you should be holding onto.

So let your Mr. Big go and find your Adian. It’s time!