The Art Of Moving On From False Hope


Hope is a complicated thing. It can leave you wanting more. It can leave you with a false reality that they will one day return, that one day they will realize their mistakes. It will fool you into wasting your nights replaying the sweet memories and overanalyzing the moment you could have made it work. But that is the issue—you have to realize if it was meant to work, it would have worked, and you wouldn’t have become distant. You wouldn’t have said your goodbyes.

Hope can be a dangerous thing. It becomes dangerous when you give power to the insecurities it brings. Days will go by where your messages will go unread. You will be confronted with the urge to pick up the phone so you can hear their voice. Moments will go by that remind you of them. You will have to visit the special places you both once shared. And you will go through waves of confusing emotions where you question who you are without them. You may lose your purpose and you might even get lost. But this is the process of moving on. It isn’t a straight and smooth path. You will have to sometimes go through sharp turns and rough grounds. Know that this isn’t forever. Like how good things may come to an end, bad things can come to a conclusion. And if you can weather this storm, you will realize that you will have to leave behind this false sense of hope.

Eventually, you will reach the time where your hope for this person vanishes, and you will come down to reality. This is because hope can only satisfy you up until a certain point. Once you reach this realization, you will be awakened. You will realize there is no point in reaching out anymore. You will stop waiting for that random text or phone call. And you will be brought face to face with the fact that they will not return to you. That they are your past, and someone else is your future. And this is okay. This someone else will bring you true happiness. And this is the time when your heart can heal. When you can accept that the universe has better plans for you. Believe in this. Believe in yourself. Believe in your worth. Trust in faith because they will bring you the right person at the right time.