A Broken Heart Isn’t An End—It’s A Beginning


A broken heart. It comes from difficult experiences. It comes from a lost loved one or a lost opportunity—the list can go on and on. People experience a broken heart in different ways, and they break down. They feel vulnerable. They feel weak. You may think all is lost. But, this pain you feel is only temporary.

This is all part of the journey towards growth and strength. When you are at your lowest point and you think things can’t get any worse, a light will shine and it will guide you away from the dark forces that threaten to consume your life full of promise. You just have to open your eyes. You have to gather up the courage to collect the pieces of your heart.

One day you will look back and thank your heart for healing itself. And I promise it will. Despite the hard times, you will find your peace. You will find that the broken pieces of your heart will slowly come together again. You then will finally feel whole, and that memory of a broken heart will only be a distant dream.

I had a broken heart. I was betrayed by friends—or at least, I thought they were. What was once love and care was replaced with resentment from those who I cherished the most. It hurt more than I would care to admit, because friendships to me are more than society’s definition. My friendships are permanent. It is the type of relationship that transcends time and distance, and one that would last a lifetime.

But as they say, all good things must come to an end. And I was left with a broken heart. This broken heart welcomed my demons. It sparked an overwhelming darkness that I could not control. But no one knew what was happening. No one knew that the smile on my face was a mask that covered my permanent frown. I was shrouded in negative energies. I remember waking up every day to the feeling of dread. A feeling like I was not important, that anything I did was worthless.

It is in these moments you should relish the darkness within you. Find the darkness so you can say goodbye to it. It is in these times that you should reflect on your demons and the pain you feel. Once you recognize the darkest parts of yourself, you can work towards finding the light.

I found my demons manifesting themselves in my destructive professional behavior. I would go nights without sleep. I thought I always needed to be working towards making myself better, and if I wanted to be ahead, I would have to sacrifice one of my primal needs: sleep. I had this need to build this successful image of myself to cover the insecurities I was feeling. This left no time for my health or well-being. I approached my broken heart in all the wrong ways.

Instead of taking time for myself, I filled my schedule with other things. This is where I was wrong. You should spend time with yourself and embrace moments of solitude. You need to make time in your schedule to allow yourself to breathe. Leave time to work out, cook a healthy meal, spend time with your family, or other things that bring you peace. By placing yourself in positive situations, you will be able to find the light. You will be able to leave the darkness behind, because instead it will be filled by the love and support brought by a stronger version of you and those that value you.

Now I don’t think I believe in broken hearts anymore. I think your heart only gets torn for a moment in time so that it can become stronger. It’s like the muscles in your body. You have to tear your muscles apart so that they can repair themselves, and this helps them grow in strength.

So it might be uncomfortable right now. You might even experience some pain. But know this: You’ll come out even stronger.