The Best Relationships In Your Life Won’t Be With The People You Date


“Maybe our girlfriends are our soulmates and guys are just people to have fun with.” – Candace Bushnell

The healthiest relationships are the ones where someone is always meeting you halfway and it doesn’t feel like you’re doing more than you need to.

It’s when the relationship comes really easy to both of you. Like you don’t have to try that hard.

It’s when you don’t fear losing someone because even if you don’t talk for a while when you do nothing has changed.

It’s when you don’t fear making mistakes because you always work through it and learn.

It’s the person who has seen you at your worst and stayed.

It’s the person who has seen you through many different phases but loves you all the same.

The healthiest relationships are the ones where you aren’t compromising your self-respect to keep them or trying too hard to prove you deserve a place in their life.

The ones who show up when you need them to be there.

The ones who support you when you need it.

The ones who talk you through whatever you’re going through.

But more than that it’s someone who takes the time to be present.

It’s someone who cares as much about your happiness maybe even more than you.

It’s someone who will refuse to let you settle for less than you deserve.

It’s the person who keeps reminding you of it.

But more than that they show you through your actions.

They are this example you follow. This standard you compare everyone to.

This relationship that almost seems perfect.

The healthiest relationships are the ones where you bring out the best in each other.

The ones who make you laugh the loudest and the hardest.

The ones who make you the happiest version of yourself.

And in moments of confusion and doubt and uncertainty, they are right there helping you to get through it.

The healthiest relationships are the ones where you know if you aren’t around they are still defending your honor and reputation like it’s their own.

The person who only tries to change the parts of yourself that could make you better. The ones who see us for who we really are and what we can be.

The healthiest relationships are the ones where they are telling you they love you. They are telling you to get home safely. They are rooting for you when you start a new chapter in your life.

It’s the person who isn’t afraid to say I’m sorry.

It’s the person who can’t lie to you because it would hurt them too much to even think of deceiving you.

They are also the ones who pick you up when you fall.

The ones who are there to remind you the worst thing that can ever happen to you, the worst thing you can ever do, the biggest mistake you can ever make, they’ll be there.

They are the company when you want to be alone.

They are the conversation when you think you want silence.

They are love when you think you are unlovable.

They are the fights that never last because you both care about fighting for each other.

They are the forgiveness you fail to find within yourself, helping to learn.

They push you to grow, guiding you the best they can.

But they are also the ones who watch you make mistakes knowing all they can do is help clean up the mess you made and you won’t ever hear them say I told you so.

They are the love given so easily when your heart is broken and no matter how much you’re hurting, they are there to be strong when you can’t be yourself.

But most of all they are the ones who never give up on you. Never stop believing in you. Never stop supporting you and being in your corner.

But more than that they are the ones who never leave as others come and go with the change of seasons, you look at them with this certainty and confidence that God put someone on earth to help you in ways He can’t.