You Should Date Someone Who Is Self Aware


You should date a person who is self aware and recognises their own flawed humanity.

Someone who accepts blame in a situation where they can easily escape responsibility “Yep, I’m sorry that was my fault. I made a mistake.”

Someone who can look at their failures and laugh and shake their head whilst saying, “Oh yeah, that was such a mistake, I really didn’t think that one through but I learned so much from it.”

Someone who is aware of their flaws and tries to better themselves, despite knowing they will always be flawed.

Someone who can openly discuss their flaws and be vulnerable without feeling worried about being judged by others or caring that their flaws will be thrown in their face.

Someone who respects themselves despite knowing that their flaws exist and knows not to hate themselves for it, but just be aware of those aspects of their personality.

People who are self aware are by far the most mature and easy to be in a relationship with. They are always willing to acknowledge their own mistakes. They aren’t stubborn about apologising when they know they have made a mistake. They don’t let their significant others feel guilty for their own personality flaws.

And most importantly, they don’t feel massively insecure when others point out their flaws because they already know about them. In fact, self aware people always get the upper hand in arguments because there is literally nothing you can throw at them which they are not aware of themselves. There isn’t anything you can surprise them with, and if you do point out something about them you don’t like, they are able to analyse themselves and evenly take blame.

Self aware people teach their significant others how to be self aware too, whether consciously or subconsciously. They know they are not saints and they don’t intend to be. They just know how not to second guess their own personality because they are sure of who they are. And others in their lives can from them how to be sure of themselves too.