The Different Kinds Of Bad Moods You Can Be In


The Constant Bad Mood

Not that different from actual depression, the constant bad mood is like a stormy rain cloud over your heard following you everywhere. The person in a constant bad mood might think they’re just being a practical realist, but there’s a difference between that and being an actual downer, unable to see a light at the end of the tunnel. If you suspect this might be depression, that’s a medical condition and you should really see a therapist or talking to someone about it. Sometimes you’re a negative Nancy and sometimes you really need help. There’s no shame in asking for help. Sometimes the person in a constant bad mood thinks they are incapable of helping or they feel ashamed to admit they need help, but if you’re reading and thinking that about yourself, think about what that means. Then, talk to someone about how you feel.

Sometimes your circumstances cause you to be in a bad mood all the time. Maybe something truly awful happened to you and “bad mood” doesn’t even begin to cover it. If you’re thinking that while reading this, you should also take the advice above and talk to someone. No one should have to feel constant lightning and thunder over their heads.

The Bad Mood About Something In The Past

This bad mood mostly comes for me late at night. It’s when it’s quiet and you have some time to run through all the embarrassing and terrible things from your past that you’re not quite over. Then, you sink lower and lower into a stupendous bad mood. Don’t let yourself do this, even though it’s really easy to succumb to. You can’t change the past and wallowing thinking about it, replaying terrible conversations, wondering where people who left you went off to, etc, will get you nowhere. Try to live in the now, as hokey as that sounds. You can’t keep beating yourself up for something that happened in the past, letting it control your present day.

The Bad Mood About One Little Thing

Maybe you have a pimple or you failed an exam or your annoying friend is being annoying in your ear. This bad mood is categorized by one nuisance that if you could just get rid of it would solve all your problems. You’re in the doldrums because of a mistake or a medical condition or something else you can’t really control. Try stopping and thinking about how what’s done is done and how there’s nothing you can do to fix this one. You just have to ride it out. Once that thing goes away, you’ll feel right as rain. But maybe consider why you let one misstep affect you so strongly. Everyone has blips. You can’t let something little like that ruin your whole life.

The Bad Mood For No Reason At All

The bad mood that comes out of no where is the worst. Because you don’t even have an explanation for what’s causing it. If you objectively looked at your life, everything would seem pretty okay. But for some reason you can’t shake the feeling that everything sucks. If someone was like, “Oh I’m sorry you’re feeling badly. What’s wrong?” you don’t even know what you’d say to them. So then you start to feel badly about feeling badly. Stop that. It’s a dangerous spiral. Just accept that you’re allowed to feel however you’re feeling — that’s the first step to lifting the burden. Give yourself permission to be in a bad mood. The guilt only makes it worse.

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