“The Power Of Three,” The Doctor And The Cubes


For anyone who wasn’t already shipping Amy/Rory/The Doctor, here’s your birthday present! This week’s episode, “The Power of Three,” was a lot like blowing up a hot air balloon. It was big and exciting and I couldn’t wait to see the end result and then…pop. The balloon burst and it was all kind of lackluster.

I am super on board with episodes like this one. It felt like a Tennant episode almost, and Matt Smith was certainly channeling that child-like, whimsical side of the Doctor. (His little dance when “leftie” came back was a nice nod to “I’m beating out a samba!” I thought.) But Matt Smith is his own doctor and I think he’s brilliantly funny to watch when the script calls for it.

Anyway, I like episodes that take place on Earth and that consist of a global crisis that feels real. I LOVED the idea of the cubes. It just felt so modern and true. The references to iPads and Twitter and Youtube were nice touches. Plus, after nine months, the cubes were set up to be a sinister presence just about everywhere. It was a totally brilliant idea that sort of came to …nothing.

Man, I wish the cubes had been any of the things Rory’s Dad, Brian Williams (lol), suspected they were when he first saw them. Any of those would have been better than what they turned out to be. I don’t even quite get it. There was so much build up — what are the cubes, what do they do, who is behind them, what is the year of the slow invasion? It was all seeming awesome and spooky. And then…I was let down.

The family parts — going off for their anniversary, Rory being needed at work, their love for the Doctor — were all flawless and lovely. But the wrap-up for the cubes story fell short. The villain was a hologram. The creepy little girl was nothing, a monitoring droid. This Timelord boogeyman wasn’t even a little bit scary or hard to deal with. Really? Reverse the cubes and restart everyone’s hearts so there are legit no consequences? A few clicks of the ol’ sonic screwdriver and we’re all fine? Why did I care then?

Loved seeing UNIT, though where was Torchwood on this? Oh, whatever. And Kate Lethbridge-Stewart! Nice! Love a good somewhat older lady kicking ass and being awesome. Where do you shop, girl? I love your scarves! I could have done without her being all gushy and “you’re amazingggg” to the Doctor at the end — I mean she’s a freaking scientist, like hold it together — and I certainly could have done without the kiss on the cheek but I guess it left room for that funny little “kiss from a Lethbridge-Stewart” joke so I’ll allow it. (Note to writers: Not every woman has to kiss or grope the Doctor! Donna Noble, I miss you.)

Granted their last episode is coming up, but Amy and the Doctor have been having a lot of little heart-to-two-hearts lately. It was super fulfilling to see the Doctor have to settle into their everyday lives (painting, soccer, Wii!) and to know that Amy and Rory have been living without flying off in the TARDIS.

The Doctor is clearly going to miss his Ponds. Maybe this will simply be a case of the couple outgrowing the adventures with the Doctor. Maybe it’s a bittersweet, but ultimately mature and happy ending. Or maybe…

Brian is hilarious, although this is the second time now I’ve suspected that he knows something terrible about the coming end of Amy and Rory. Doesn’t he just seem solemn and concerned in that regard? I feel like he’s not telling us everything. What if Brian is actually an aged Rory and the way they leave is getting stuck back in time by the Weeping Angels next week? It’s a long shot but I just feel like something like that is going to happen. Brian seems like he knows something tragic. His question, which many companions have asked before: “What happened to the rest?” is long overdue for the Ponds. Brian is like the new Wilf, but you know, that was all very, very sad. Oof. I’m so paranoid! This is not going to end well for the Ponds.


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image – BBC America