The ‘Doctor Who’ Christmas Special: Who Is Clara Oswin Oswald?


Hopefully we’ve all seen the Doctor Who Christmas special by now and are bugging with theories about the Dalek-then living-then dead-then in the future Clara Oswin Oswald.

Let’s quickly recap the 2012 Christmas Special, The Snowmen. The Doctor is in Victorian times and snow can capture memories and turn into evil snowmen and also an evil ice governess. Got it? He’s all burned out from losing the Ponds and is being a real Scrooge about everything. The lizard lady Vastra and her lesbian wife Jenny are back as well as an awesome Sontaran. (By the way, did anyone else thingk the veiled woman was going to be Miss Evangelista from the library episode with David Tennant?) Ian McKellan voiced the snow villain. The Doctor and Clara flirt and kiss. (That Timelord gets aaaaround. Also what would his wife River Song say about this hanky panky? I can forsee some awesome cat-fighting or maybe some even awesomer Doctor-flustering in the future.)

Plus, there were ‘Sherlock’ and ‘Game of Thrones’ references!

Oh, and more importantly: Clara is Oswin Oswald or something! She says a bunch of the same things Oswin did in “Asylum of the Daleks.” But then she dies. But then she comes back in the future at her own grave during what seems like modern day. And the Doctor is off to look for her in space and time.

Okay so who exactly is Clara Oswin Oswald? Here are some theories.

She’s a Timelord

Doesn’t really make sense considering how she reacted to the TARDIS but it could have all been for show, or maybe she’s a Timelord who was born outside Gallifrey in diaspora and has really never seen a TARDIS before.

She’s a Time Agent

Similar to Captain Jack, she’s got one of those wrist-watch things and she can travel through space and time on her own. Maybe she and Captain Jack know each other. Maybe she’s his daughter or maybe she’s him in another body? (If so, that kiss makes sense.)

She’s River Song

It’s too coincidental that she’d say “Pond” when given one word to convince the Doctor to act. How was he supposed to know the pond had a body in it? He couldn’t have. So why answer “Pond” to Vastra’s question?


Which is sort of brilliant.

She’s Jenny, the Doctor’s Daughter

She’s regenerated. As has he. The kiss is a cheeky reference to how David Tennant had a baby with the actress who played his daughter during his seasons.

She’s the same girl from “Asylum of the Daleks”

And the Doctor goes back in time and swoops in to save her at the last minute. Hence, “remember.”

Identical relatives

They’ve done it before on ‘Who’ although how to explain how they know the same catchphrases?

She’s being used to kill the Doctor by the Daleks

Wah, I hope not. But it’s a tad convenient that she went from Dalek back to person. Is she a trap?

She’s the 12th Doctor

Did I just blow your miiiiind?

Ah, I don’t know! What do you guys think? Let’s talk theories! We’ve got until April before we get any answers.

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