The Honest Truth: You Are More Resilient Than You Think


Somewhere along the way, you were taught that humanness is weakness. You were taught that you will fall and struggle to pick yourself back up. You were taught that you will be broken to the point where you will question whether you can get back up again.

Maybe the world taught you this by accident, showing you experiences that tore your loved ones to shreds. Maybe you saw this in a family member of friend whose heart ached from loss, and you were powerless to help them. Maybe you’ve already seen this in yourself, faltering after a breakup, spiraling down after the passing of someone you admired, feeling so low in the aftermath of change that you aren’t even sure who you are anymore.

But what life so often forgets to teach us, what the people around us sometimes neglect to share, what we must constantly remind ourselves of, is this—we are more resilient than we think.

See, we go through terrible things, but we somehow find our footing again. We learn to let go of what breaks us and start anew. We love people, even after we’ve been broken in our past relationships. We continue forward, even in the wake of losing someone who meant so much to us.

We face death and heartache and abuse and loss and self-hatred and anxiety and fear and frustration, and yet, from all of that pain, we rise.

And that should be admired.

So often we go through painful experiences and we let those experiences shape us. This is natural, and often unconscious. We get so hurt that we start to guard our hearts. We begin to close ourselves off. We quit opening and we live with our doors closed because somewhere along the way we’ve learned that closing means no pain.

But that’s not true—closing off only keeps us from healing.

And when it comes down to it, after we experience the pain, after we endure the hardship and push through, we somehow find our way back to ourselves, back to our lives, back to where we were, but even stronger now.

Because we are resilient.

We are human, yes. Imperfect and sinful and inconsistent and complicated. But our humanness is strong. Our humanness is resistant. Our humanness is adaptable and malleable and flexible and pliable.

Our humanness means we will continue, no matter what happens to us. Our humanness means we will fight, and we will make it through.

Our humanness means we are much stronger than we give ourselves credit for.

So in this life, know that you will face so many awful things. Know that your foundation will shake. Know that your faith will falter. Know that people will disappoint you, and you will disappoint yourself. Know that your path won’t always be straight, and events won’t all fall according to plan.

But in all of this, you will move forward. In all of this, you will fight and continue on. In all of this, you will forgive, you will let go, you will heal and find yourself again.

You are more resilient than you think.