Wait, McDonald’s Posted This On Twitter!?


@McDonaldsCorp is the Twitter account for the McDonalds corporation. It boasts 151,000 followers, people who are interested in McDonald’s “history, people, food, and restaurants.” Or maybe just people who meant to follow the much more fun @McDonalds Twitter, but got lost somewhere along the way. Who knows.

But today, the corporate account of McDonalds actually posted something not related to the company’s “history, people, food, and restaurants.” At least not directly related. It was about President Donald J. Trump.

Like, I know companies have let their social media managers get a little more creative, but this is definitely a risky brand move. Not that I would necessarily disagree with it, hell, I’d probably go buy some McDonalds breakfast right now if it were an actual policy stance.

But it wasn’t meant to be.

Within 25ish minutes the tweet got 904 retweets, 984 likes, and was replied to 76 times. I can only imagine what some of those replies looked like. My guess is the tweet was slightly less popular than their all day breakfast menu.

Unfortunately, we’ll never know because the tweet was then deleted.

This was almost certainly an accident. But also it was the “pinned” tweet, which typically takes an extra action beyond just posting the tweet. Was this a disgruntled employee’s way of saying goodbye?

@McDonaldsCorp has continued answering customer tweets on their Twitter, but has not yet made any comment on their foray into political commentary.


McDonald’s is saying that the tweet was the result of their account being “compromised.”