7 Frustrating Things Only People Who Grew Up With A Summer Birthday Can Understand


Don’t get me wrong; celebrating your birthday in August has its perks. I looked forward to the moment the ice cream truck would round the corner, so I could run out and tell the ice cream man it was my birthday, and receive my free ice cream. I was off from school and could sleep in as long as I want. But with that, comes the reminder that school is in fact just around the corner again.
While it does have its perks, just like anything else, it also has its downfalls.

1. Never getting to celebrate your birthday in class- no paper crown with your name on it in elementary school, no one decorating your locker with wrapping paper and balloons in middle or high school. And no, half birthdays don’t count. It’s just not the same.

2. Getting your teacher/schedule in the mail the same day- I couldn’t have this one day without thinking about having the worst third-grade teacher in the school, or how hungry I’ll be after finishing lunch at 10 a.m. fourth period?

3. Want to have a party? Too bad, all your friends are on vacation- Come on, Lesley. You know when my birthday is, how dare your family schedule a vacation during that time.

4. -Mosquitos want to celebrate, too.- Outdoor parties are fun for about 30 minutes until the patio lights turn on, and the mosquitos come out to play.

5. Back-to-school clothes/ school supplies double as ‘birthday gifts’- See also: December babies getting Christmas gifts for their birthday.

6. The family vacation is your birthday gift- A trip to Splish Splash with all of our third cousins- just what I wanted!

7. When you get older, you no longer have off on your birthday- Doesn’t your boss know it’s your birthday? What good is having a summer birthday if you don’t have off? Doesn’t being old earn you the right to have off on your birthday? If for nothing else, but to sulk for a bit?

Other than that, having an August birthday is pretty great. The ocean water is finally warm enough to swim in (while dodging jellyfish), the weather is nice, but not too hot anymore. And, you can always count on free ice cream.