The Problem With Having A Serious Discussion on the Internet


And this is TL;DR in action, sort of, and it’s also why humanity is funny. Perhaps this is why ‘discussion’ on the internet can turn into 20,000 comment-long threads full of misunderstanding, nitpicking, semantic call-outs, and accusations of not being intellectual enough. Because no one actually knows what they’re talking about, so in essence, everyone’s posturing (which is one of the most satisfying things to accuse someone of)!

It should be mentioned (and I’m glad I took the time to read to read this far…) that the Ars Technica team – the clever folks behind this little experiment – put the “banana” line in there only after the original post was posted, which means that “the first few dozen commenters wouldn’t have seen it,” according to Dr Jay, the Ars Tech Science Editor. Still – I have to admit this is a pretty satisfying thing to see, being a blogger and all…

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