The Real Reasons Why She’s Scared Of Getting Close To Anyone


She has been hurt before. She has been cheated on. She has been abandoned. She has been led on. There were times when she thought she found the perfect person for her and ended up getting her world shattered by them.

She finds it hard to trust now, because she doesn’t want history to repeat itself. She doesn’t want to end up heartbroken all over again. 

She is scared of getting close to others, because the closer someone comes, the easier they can hurt her. Although she might act like she is emotionless, she has a fragile heart. Her ego gets bruised easily. She is afraid of finally letting her guard down for someone, allowing them into her mind, and then getting punished for it.

She admits that she doesn’t have the best taste in boys. In the past, she has fallen for people who have hurt her. People who have given her baggage she is still carrying around. People who never deserved her kindness in the first place — but she never realized that. She thought she wasn’t good enough for them.

She has low self-esteem. She finds it hard to believe anyone would want to keep her around for long. She avoids getting attached to others because she assumes it’s only a matter of time until they come to their senses and leave her.

She finds it hard to see her worth and finds it even harder to see how anyone else could see her worth. Since her confidence is close to zero, she assumes she is better off pushing people away before they have a chance to walk away on their own. 

She would rather be the reason for her own heartbreak. She would rather let someone be the boy who got away than the boy who broke her heart.

She is scared of getting close to others because she hates the feeling of disappointment. She doesn’t want to get excited about spending her time with someone. She doesn’t want to get attached to them in case they leave. She doesn’t want to brag to her friends about meeting someone special and then realize she got excited over nothing. The last thing she wants is to get her hopes up.

She doesn’t want to take any risks. She doesn’t think love is worth the pain that could accompany it. She assumes she is better off on her own, because at least that way there is no one she has to worry about except herself. As tough as she acts, she is secretly petrified of being told she is not good enough.

She doesn’t know how to let her guard down. She is used to running away. She is used to detaching herself. She isn’t sure how to let people into her heart. She isn’t sure what she is supposed to say and do to make them trust her. All she knows is how to push people away. All she knows is how to end something before it even begins.