When You’re With The Right Person, You Won’t Worry About Them Leaving


When you’re with the right person, you won’t have a doubt in your mind about whether they are the one. 

You will have a gut feeling they aren’t going anywhere. There will be something inside of you saying everything is okay, this person is a keeper. 

When you get into arguments, you won’t worry about whether they are going to throw up their hands and walk out the door with no intention of returning. You know every argument is only a bump in the road. You know they would never leave you over a silly disagreement.

With the right person, you always feel safe. You are convinced they aren’t going anywhere.

You trust them. You consider them reliable. You know they aren’t going to run away when things get difficult. They are going to stay by your side and help you through the pain. They are going to act as your teammate.

With the right person, you will find a way to get over your abandonment issues. You will realize that some people really do mean it when they swear they will stay.

No matter how many rough patches you are forced to face, the idea of breaking up will never pop into your head because you treat each other well. You have a good thing going. You love each other. You respect each other. You care about each other more than you care about yourselves.

With the right person, you will feel like you are exactly where you belong. You won’t stay up late at night, questioning whether you made a mistake and should have taken a different path in life. You won’t look at other couples and wish you were more like them.

You will feel like you made the right decision. You will feel like you are in the right relationship.

When they come home late from work one night, you won’t worry that they are out with someone else, cheating. When they get mad at you another night, you won’t worry that they will find a new place to live.

You will feel confident they would never hurt you. They would never betray you. They would never give up what you have because it’s too special.

With the right person, love isn’t as scary anymore. It turns into something exciting instead. Something you never stop appreciating. Something you can’t believe you were lucky enough to find.

Once you find your forever person, you will plan your futures together. You will talk about how many kids you want and decide where you want to live. You will look at wedding dresses together and pick your song. You won’t consider the possibility that they might not be around ten years from now, because you know they will.

You are positive they would never leave you behind and you would never leave them. You have an unspoken promise to spend the rest of your lives together. And one day, you are going to make that promise official in your vows.