The Truth About Timing That We All Need To Accept


That’s the thing about separation; it hurts and it leaves uneasy feeling upon your chest. In the beginning we might not feeling it, but as time drove us away from the present moment; we began to notice that we will screw up. The next thing we know is, we just want to be quiet; keep our mind to wonder about whatever it is and let the silence consumes the longing feeling until we feel better the next day.

The fear of being alone will then crept in our minds; allowing the memories to turn back the time when we were together with the people, or a person, that made our world seems so fine once. The tick-tocks of time then forced us to be in the present moment, and we cursed into the air on how the hours went on a full speed while all we want is to keep each second we had with them.

Their words, giggles, inside jokes, ideas, even their scents will always haunt us like a photograph that won’t fade in time. We will be confused on how this people could make us feel belong, on how they could answer our questions without being asked, and on how this people could make us comprehend about life itself. After a while we’ve been spoiled by their charms, we will be surprised by the fact that time will take us apart with those people.

We won’t even have the energy to cry, the tears are defeated by the urge to know when the next meeting is; will it be next week, months, or years? Time is absolutely joking around right now. Then, we’ll find ourselves blaming the reality; some of us even give up to fight for this person just because we believe that time has been wrong adjusting the fate, and he or she is not the one.

But then, I personally believe that there is no such thing as meeting the right person in the wrong time, or vice versa. I do believe that we always meet the right person in every hour of our days; we are meant to be met with those people.

The age of our earth is 4.543 billion years; and we destined to meet this special person right now. Earth has gone through millions of changes, evolutions, eras, decades, centuries, but we destined to meet this person in this present moment; in the same unit and dimension of time, below the same stars, touching the same ground, and out of seven billion people on earth; they appeared in front of us. They were there, with the same frequency; ideas to be shared, dreams to be pursued, and happiness to be felt. If that was not fate, I don’t know what else is.

They were destined to meet us for any amounts of time to be spent; they might stay, and the worst case is, they might leave. Our heart will be shattered into million pieces, yes true. But then we’ll understand the reasons towards the loss, we learn how to let go, how to move on; how to grow up.

The universe is never joking around; the timing is actually always right on schedule. Sometimes timing is sucks, indeed. But I also believe in the law of gravity; that whatever is meant to be for us will always gravitate back towards us. Let’s simplify this; if people want you to be in their life, they will make effort towards you, and vice versa. There is no such thing as someone doesn’t have time; the truth is we all do have plenty of time, it is the people that we choose to be spent time with that matters.

Sounds cliché, but it is just the way it works.

Let’s just embrace the longing feeling of separation as we figure out what time will bring us in its next tick-tocks.Will the time bring them back to us; or they will bring us back into their time? Until the moment comes, we’ll know.