What It Means To Be Irresistible


We all know that one person who possesses an ineffable charisma that everyone is drawn to. Everyone wants to bask in the presence of this undeniably magnetic person. We read hundreds of articles on how to be irresistible, but some people just live it as their very essence. 

That is my friend Jamie.

Jamie is the kind of person we all want to know because she sees life as an unpredictably amazing adventure. She is positive and passionate, and she handles every bad day or negative incident in her life as a temporary little glitch that too shall pass.

Her self-worth comes from within and she never needs any external validation to feel better about who she is. She radiates confidence with a sense of humility.

She treats everyone with respect, because she believes that she is no better than anyone else and has the gift of making everyone and anyone feel comfortable around her.

She connects with people on an emotional level, because she is genuinely interested to learn more about them. She doesn’t dominate a conversation talking about herself, but asks questions that helps people open up, and by the end of every fifteen minute conversation with a stranger, they find a new friend in her.

She is authentic, a quality so rare these days. She knows who she is and she accepts people for who they are. She is never fake. Her genuine personality makes people trust her, and I have probably never told anyone as much about my life as I have to her in the short time I have known her. And the thing is, she lives up to it. She is real.

She never obsesses about herself or other people. She doesn’t care whether she is liked or not, but she will do her best to make others feel at ease in her company. All my friends who have met her seem mesmerized by her easygoing and laid-back personality.

She never tries too hard. She never talks about how smart or successful she is, she never brags, she never tries too hard to be liked because she knows that is not the way to be.

She can talk to anyone about anything, while knowing the difference between facts and opinions. I have noticed her discuss topics that she did not support with grace, which might send most people over the edge. She never tries to prove that what she thinks and what she knows is right, because she knows with certain groups of people, it is just a waste of time. She is always polite.

She always smiles during conversations and it is impossible not to smile back when she is asking you about yourself or telling a funny story of her own. It is impossible not to smile when you are around her. She is happy with who she is, and that is such an enviable quality. She never blames anyone else for anything that has gone wrong in her life. Rather, she sees it as a thing of the past and she leaves it there.

She has integrity. She does the right thing, even if it hurts and even if it is hard. She would rather not say anything than say something bad about someone else. Most people seem to notice the negatives in others and voice their opinions immediately, but not Jamie.

She is beautiful, she puts in the effort to look presentable but she is never vain. She never spends the whole day obsessing about how she looks, because she is completely comfortable in her skin and that is one of the most attractive qualities about her.

She is someone who I strive more to be like, because she motivates me to focus on the good and to love the details of life. She is irresistible to so many people. Every girl wants to be her friend and every boy wants to date her. If there were an archetype for irresistible people, she would be it.

And I am very lucky to find a new best friend in Jamie, who inspires me to see the best in every day, to love life and to love myself like I never could before.