The Truth Is Time Doesn’t Always Heal All Wounds


Some wounds go so deep they become woven into the fabric of our lives. Scar tissue will eventually start to form but the wounds never totally heal. We are never quite the same. We let the sharp edges of our past pains serve as warning signs for our future. We all wear our pain differently. Some deny the pain entirely as if it’s not there. Some mask the pain with other things, people, and places. Some try to numb the pain through personal vices. How you choose to deal with your pain will often determine how long you suffer.

The most difficult path for those carrying pain is choosing to embrace it. Choosing to embrace pain means choosing to face it. Facing our pain is one of the most difficult challenges we face in this life. It means we are acknowledging that the pain we have tried to avoid for so long is real. It means tackling the work that will begin as soon as we start to feel the aftershocks of our wounds. It means agreeing to feel painful emotions and feelings that we would much rather choose to avoid.

The saying “time heals all” is often a false promise that our pain will eventually go away. In some cases, this is true. In most, it only serves to encourage us to avoid facing our pain with the promise that it will eventually disappear entirely with enough time.

It is true that time can lessen the sting of pain but some pain will still catch you off guard even years after you think you’ve healed. Something will trigger the injury and it will feel as fresh as the day it first appeared.

Sometimes learning to live with pain is the only way to get through it. Over time, you will figure out which thoughts you need not dwell on and which actions will not serve you if you wish to live a peaceful life. It is also best to never expect others to understand your own personal pain or help ease it for you. Healing can only be done from within, and placing that work on others is too great a burden for anyone to bear.

Do not get discouraged if you feel like you are not where you should be in your own personal healing journey. Others may tell you to “get over it” but that is only because they can only understand from their own level of perception.

There is no timeline for matters of the heart. We all deal with things at our own pace and on our own schedule.

Time doesn’t heal everything but time will help you learn to navigate and live with whatever pain you are facing. Feelings will come and go. Let them wash over you and then let them pass. Nothing in this life is permanent, not even you.

Do not let this realization worry you, let it comfort you when the world seems to be crashing around you. Time moves everything forward and that is the only constant we have in this life.