Why Good Morning Texts Are Always Better Than Midnight Texts


Morning texts mean they thought of you as soon as they opened their eyes because you matter to them, because you are an important piece of their world, because starting their day off right means hearing from their favorite person.

Meanwhile, midnight texts mean they didn’t have you on their mind until late in the day when they were bored, lonely, and (most likely) wasted. Until they heard your name or saw or an Instagram picture from you and they remembered your existence.

Morning texts mean they want to spend the entire day talking to you. They want to hear about what you have planned later. They want to know how you’re feeling. They want to swap jokes. They want to tell stories. They want to get to know you on a deeper level.

Meanwhile, midnight texts mean they want to invite you over at the last second and chitchat for a few minutes before making a move. They want you for your body and nothing more because your personality doesn’t interest them as much as what’s on the outside.

Morning texts mean they are willing to place you as a priority. They will find the time to answer you during their lunch break or in the parking lot before they leave. They will make sure you hear from them because they would never want to keep you waiting.

Meanwhile, midnight texts mean they want you in the easiest way possible. They don’t want to woo you with dinner and a movie. They don’t want to put in extra energy. They just want to ask ‘u up?’ and get the response they were hoping for. They want you to be okay with something casual, with no guarantees.

Morning texts mean they think about you all the time. Even when they are stuck at work. Even when they are out with friends. Even when they have a million chores on their to-do list. You are still running through their mind, because they genuinely care about you.

Meanwhile, midnight texts mean they only think about you when there is nothing left to do for the day. When they are bored of scrolling through social media. When no one else is answering their messages.

Morning texts mean they cannot go long too without speaking to you because they love spending time with you, even if it’s over the phone. Whether they are spending their day in class or at work or with friends, they want to feel like you are there beside them. They want to feel like you are always together, even if you are miles apart.

Meanwhile, midnight texts mean they could easily go without talking to you because there is a chance you will fall asleep soon after the conversation starts. The only time they want to feel like you are beside them is when they are half-naked in bed, hating that they are still single.

Basically, morning texts mean they are boyfriend material. Midnight texts mean they are only looking for a fling.