The Truth Is We Are All Hard To Love


You are hard to love.” Goddamn it, you think to yourself. All your life, you’ve only wanted to be loved and this is what you hear.

Is something wrong with you that when, finally, you were able to get hold of the beautiful feeling of love, you fail to meet its expectations, their expectations?

Head up high little one because the truth is we are all hard to love.

Don’t question yourself because, in reality, this is how love’s supposed to be. Not fast, not easy, but hard, difficult, and challenging.

Otherwise, what are we fighting for? What are we going up against? What are we willing to go through?

We all don’t want to hear this, but it’s better than just having someone who will make you feel that you’re hard to love until it consumes you and prompts you to walk away. Don’t settle for that but go for something more plain-spoken: you’re hard to love, but I’m here for that, I’m up for that. It gives you two a chance, a chance to be better— together.

Love is about crossing boundaries, breaking barriers, knocking down walls. It’s not a fucking walk in the park. Every relationship has its own crosses. You fight a different battle than others, but you all have your battles to conquer and it’s up to you if you do or simply stop at “you are hard to love” or “I’m hard to love.”

This is the truth, but it doesn’t mean we just let love be difficult. It is hard on its own and in its nature. But it’s not all about that.

Scars aren’t seen in one glance, stories aren’t told in one narrative and people aren’t known in one introduction. This is why we’re hard to love, because it’s meant to be a process, it’s meant to get, not easy, but easier.

You are not supposed to end with someone who tells you that you’re hard to love and leaves. You’re not supposed to be with someone who tells you just that and gets frustrated for what you’ve become because of what you’ve been through.

Find someone who would see through you and would still stay to maybe not erase, but replace all those worries that make you hard to love not because you wanted to be that way but because you feel just that, that in the corners of your mind, you think to yourself, I don’t deserve love because I am hard to love. Perhaps each soul is different, but we all just want to be taken care of because we’ve all been through something that someone couldn’t just take away from us.

Precisely, we shouldn’t stop at knowing that he is hard to love or realizing that you, yourself, are hard to love, but rather what matters is allowing yourselves to go through that phase and move forward together.

We are all hard to love but don’t just let the ghosts of the past make us just that. We could be more than that and we will be more than that only if we allow ourselves to be.