We Went Through All That Just To Be Strangers Again


I came across a tweet saying: “We went through all that just to be strangers again,” and that spoke volumes, but it echoed vindication instead of regret.

I found myself looking back, contemplating if we made the right decision. On the one hand, my heart was settled at yes, we are where we are supposed to be and on the other hand, my mind screamed you knew better from day one, but you blew it— okay, maybe not day one, maybe I knew better from day one hundred and two and yet brushed it off.

Imagine making a series of conscious decisions of choosing that person regardless. A relationship of blunt toxicity but constant mending. We were okay with it because we knew, in the end, we would choose each other. But what happens when you’re no longer certain that it will always be you in the end? What happens when we get tired of the relentless arguments? What happens when the normalcy of tolerance stops?

And when these thoughts flood in, this is when you start to think what really is your end in mind. Is it just to be together or to be better?

Yes— it takes you, the whole of you, to acknowledge that perhaps you are just settling to stay together without considering how else it affects you two. You can choose to work on it, but you have to know that it took two people to break the relationship and that it would take two people again to build it back. Isn’t this what a relationship should be all about? Building each other up unceasingly and not bringing each other down?

Surely, you’ll find yourself having second thoughts considering that you went all through that just to be strangers again, but maybe we are misinterpreting what we’re faced at when actually we’ve lost touch and stopped growing that in fact, we’re strangers again because we went through all that.