The Ultimate ‘Girls Trip’: 5 Ridiculously Fun Vacations To Take With Your Besties This Year


It’s that time of year again, people, more specifically college kids, across the country have spring break fever. They are traveling to tropical beaches and party towns to escape reality, get a little sun and drink a lot of cocktails. As a full time adult, I am for sure feeling the FOMO of not getting a college spring break anymore but that won’t stop me from still taking some pretty amazing trips in the future. Everyone needs a break from life once in a while to recharge their batteries, so grab a group of your closest friends and plan one (or all) of these types of vacations. Besides, they do say traveling is good for the soul.

1. The relaxing trip

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Everyone loves a good tropical beach vacation (all-inclusive or not). This is the type of trip to take to detach from reality for a little while. I am a firm believer that sitting on the beach all day, sipping margaritas, reading a good book and listening to the ocean waves is good for your soul. And if you go with your best friends you know you will never get bored. Plus, you will have someone to take those artsy beachy Instagram pictures for you.

2. The wild trip.

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I’m talking Las Vegas, The Hangover, and tiger in your hotel bathroom kind of trip. Wild DJs and clubs, non-stop flowing drinks and pool parties that last until sun down. This is the type of trip that will make you feel like you’re back in college again but 1000x better. If for nothing else it’s great for the stories. And it’s also a type of trip you would only really want to take with your closest friends because what happens in Vegas really should probably stay in Vegas.

3. The cultural trip

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Perhaps to another country- This is the trip to experience a new way of life and do touristy things like visiting art museums and historical landmarks, take walking tours and try the local cuisine. I’ve always wanted to travel around the world- to Italy, Greece, Spain, etc. and what better way to experience a new part of the world than with your besties. The best part is you will all most likely be in the same boat of never seeing these things before so it will be a new and beautiful experience for everyone. This is a trip to not only enjoy yourself but to learn new things. Who knows maybe you will come home speaking another language? And although this may be the priciest of trip options with some planning and saving I guarantee this will be a trip of a lifetime.

4. The weekend trip

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The perfect mini trip to somewhere local-ish (most likely drivable distance) that you can all go for a long weekend. This trip is perfect for a change of scenery for when you are fed up with your usual social scene. Besides road trips with your friends are always fun (or at least they are in the movies). And the best part is that, this is a trip that really won’t break the bank.

And some airlines even have “Wanna Get Away” flight options that are less expensive that could be worth splurging for a few days if driving is out of the question giving you no excuse not to plan a weekend getaway.

5. The completely new trip

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Pick an obscure place on the map, somewhere you’d never thought you’d go or even somewhere you’ve never even heard of before. If you and your friends can’t agree on a place to go then just go off the beaten path. Not only can this be a great compromise trip but this could also help you discover your new favorite place.

Now all that’s left to do is to pack your bags!