What Being A Sensitive Soul Truly Means, Because It’s So Much More Than Feelings


They say being sensitive is frail, a downfall that should be locked away. Hidden. Covered-up. They tell us we think too much, and we feel too much. They tell us to “just get over it already,” as if it’s really just that simple. They tell us to pull it together, to stop caring so much. They tell us we’re too much to handle, too much to deal with.

They tell us we’re too much to love.

They have convinced us being sensitive is a weakness, a flaw. In turn, they have convinced us we are defected; we are flawed.

But being sensitive is not for the weak. Being soft is not for the fragile.

It takes true strength to be in touch with your emotions. It takes courage to be vulnerable and open. It takes a person who unquestionably knows themselves to be able to be delicate and compassionate.

It’s time to appreciate the power of sensitivity and all the insight it gives you.

It’s time to appreciate your caring soul and understand how human it makes you. It’s time to stop watering yourself down for the sake of others.

Let yourself hurt. Let yourself heal. Let yourself fall apart, and let yourself mend together.

Feel with all your heart, and follow where it takes you. Say all the words you’ve accumulated in your mind and never apologize for any of it. Show your true self to the world, and never stop to hesitate if it can handle you.

You have a sensitive soul.

You are a sensitive soul.

Own it. Take pride in it. Let it be the most beautiful thing about you. At the end of the day, the most exquisite people are the ones with the kindest hearts.

Stay true to your soft, and let it take you above your fears and your doubts. Let it rise you up, and than let it set you free.

It’s time to set yourself and your feelings on fire, and watch as it lights up this entire world.