The Weird World Of The Best Youtube Fireplace Videos And Their Comments


When my mom moved to Florida from Queens, New York so she could attend law school, the thing she missed the most was sitting in front of a beautiful fireplace while snow fell outside. My dad, sensing both that my mom was depressed and that Florida would not be seeing flakes any time soon, went out and bought her a VHS tape of a fireplace burning that she could watch in their Ft. Lauderdale home. It was half-sweet, half-joking but I remember my mom keeping it on in the background sometimes.

Those of us who don’t live in cozy winter wonderlands or with fancy fireplaces in our apartments have to do this same thing — only now with the benefit of Youtube. I’ve been to two holiday parties so far where someone had put on a “fireplace” video for holiday ambiance. At this last party, we all sat around and read the comments on these videos. They are so sincere and so hilarious. Here are some great fireplace videos for you to use this ChristmaHanuKwanzica — and the best comments on each.


This is called “MY BEST FIREPLACE VIDEO.” It is three hours long. I’m not sure what makes this the user’s “BEST” but it’s certainly a good one.

And then 54 people “liked” this. Fifty. Four.

Not only is this the BEST FIREPLACE VIDEO but it’s environmentally friendly too. You go, Mysti, she who even knows the proper names for fireplace accoutrements. That toasting fork better have a marshmallow attached.

Mr. Kowman, thank you for your suggestions via “the female of the house.” This video certainly could be way more festive! I mean, put some effort in. Make it look like Santa himself is tending this fire. Get those hits!



This is only the second best fireplace video on Youtube so basically it’s crap compared to that first video. I mean, obviously right? You can tell the difference between the two.

I would leave that last part out when presenting this idea to your mother.

Um. UH OH.

What’s to get, killerdude? It’s a fireplace.

Ah…Ahahaha! I see what you did there! Hilarious.

I guess this is why it’s only the second best fireplace video on Youtube.


“In my day, we didn’t have Youtube to just find whatever fireplace video we wanted. We had to settle for whatever was on the fireplace channel on TV. And we liked it!”

I actually cheer whenever this happens. Right there with you, bud. …I need hobbies. 🙁

You’re doing everything right.


Certainly not as impressive as the first two. Luckily this guy got way better at filming fireplaces over time.


Thanks for the heads up, bro.


How classy!


Some real comedians up in these fireplace videos!


This one is called “Romantic Fireplace” and yet the first comment is:

Uh, quick someone dial 911.


Short but sweet.

And it was total crap! Crap!

A dozen! She’s like the Goldilocks of Youtube fireplace videos. This one is JUST RIGHT.



I don’t know why I’m making fun. This one is my personal favorite. Off to comment on it!

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