Sometimes Love Is Made To Perish


You’re looking at them and wondering how this could possibly happen. It is because the heart forgets. Don’t let it.

The next time love visits you as a person with beautiful eyes, arms laden with the sweetest of fruit, and words designed to melt your heart, remember this day.

Remember how their eyes look at you with emptiness where they had once been filled with such truth. Remember when their hands had once touched your skin with such adoration and now they recoil when you reach for them, as if touching you is pain. Remember how you heard a thousand forevers from their lips which dissolved with your heart into this cursed goodbye. Remember all of this, and remember that even the sweetest fruits can spoil. Because that is what perishable things do, and darling, this kind of love is made to decay.

So the next time love visits you, do not taste the fruit, do not let the words melt your heart. Instead, learn from the way fruit rots and turns. Learn from how Eve once tasted fruit and how her world turned bitter. Learn from how its sweetness has turned to ash in your mouth. Learn how love can be the most toxic things sometimes and how love can deceive.

Take every emotion inside you that love hasn’t taken captive… and run.