There Seems To Be A Piece Of You In Everything I Do


There seems to be a piece of you in everything I do, and sometimes, I wonder if there’s a piece of me in everything you do.

I hope you remember my existence at night right before going to bed because football and I were always the only things you could stay up for. Every time you watch football, you remember me telling you it’s more important than I am.

I hope that every time you see the color black, you remember that it’s my favourite color. Every time you see the word color, you remember asking me how to spell it. I’ve always found wrong spellings a big turn off, but it was adorable when you did it. Every time you drive, you remember that I hate staring but the only time I could stare at you was while you were driving.

I hope you remember promising to teach me how to drive, or the other promises you made.

I hope you miss me every Sunday morning, when you don’t feel like getting out of bed and remember how you were the only one who could get me out of bed on a Sunday morning. Every time you read a book, you remember how much I loved to read. Every time you say “Fuck You” to someone, you remember me and my twisted idea of a Valentines Day present.

I hope every time you injure yourself, you remember how worried I’d be if I knew. I don’t know if I ever told you this or if you’d even believe me, but I could physically feel your pain. I sometimes wonder if that’s what love means. Every time you do that thing with your eye, remember sending me pictures of yourself doing it and how paranoid I’d get telling you to stop.

I hope every time you wear that cologne, you know how much I loved it. Every time you call someone, you remember how awkward I am on the phone. Every time someone uses the word pinky promise, you remember how often I used the word and how funny you thought it was.

I hope every time you see a red heart, remember how gay I think it is, or every time you see someone covering their eyes or blushing you remember me and how I’d do that every time you couldn’t stop staring at me.

I hope every time you see leather, you remember how much you loved to tickle me. Every time you see Emma Watson, remember telling me I was your Emma Watson and how she’d play me if they ever made a movie about your life. Every time you see a quote or read an article, remember my love for writing. Every time you see a person with a lot of piercings, remember how many I had.

I hope every time you smoke, you remember that first conversation we had which changed our lives. Every time you have pizza, you remember me telling you I love you more than pizza and making you promise you won’t tell pizza.

There’s a million other things I could say… But the last thing I’ll say is every time you lie to someone, remember how much you lied to me.