Waiting On The Very Spot You Left Her At


That girl, that poor soul.
She sits on that very spot you left her at,
and waits… Waits for your return.
She believes maybe, just maybe, that day will come.

The day you re-appear and say the words she’s been dying to hear.
As time passes the memory of you starts to fade, but there’s so much that
she does not forget and never will. She draws a map and marks the dots
with all the memories that’s she’s got, to keep re-living what she’s missing.
It helps, it surely does, but it does not bring you back and probably never will.

Years have passed. She still sits there, waiting, wondering if you’re ever coming back.
The answer to her question is crystal clear, but that poor soul. She was in love.
She does not believe and surely never will.
What she has faith in, is the relationship,
the one that died years ago
and the times you spent with her.

That is what has kept her there, waiting…
Waiting on that very spot you left her at.