This Family Celebrates Mother’s Day By Dressing Up As Each Other And It’s Absolutely Hilarious


Family photos are one thing, but family “swap” photos are another thing entirely. And honestly, I’m digging them.

This family likes to celebrate mother’s day with a non-traditional custom — dressing up like one another and taking photos. And it’s absolutely hilarious.

According to Buzzfeed, Michelle Chow and her family started the Mother’s Day tradition to highlight how funny their mom was. Their father refused to join but reluctantly agreed to take the photos. However, this year they managed to convince him to join in on the fun, under one condition — he wouldn’t have to be part of the swap.

It was totally worth it.

“I didn’t even bother asking him to be part of the actual ‘swap’, I just counted my lucky stars that he said yes to getting dressed in the first place,” Chow told Buzzfeed.

Michelle posted the pictures on Reddit and was met with an overwhelmingly positive response. Not only did she get over 69,000 upvotes, but people found the whole thing hilarious.

Can you blame them though? The whole situation is just amazing.

I can honestly say I can’t wait for Mother’s Day next year. Keep us updated, Michelle!