This Is Why People Think You Are A Bitch, Based On Your Birth Order



You’re controlling. You like having things your way. You get angry when you fail. You don’t like being told that you’re wrong. You curse like a sailor. You throw things. You don’t know how to show your emotions in a healthy way, so you’re always exploding over small things and worrying about pointless problems that don’t actually matter in the grand scheme of life.

You’re a natural born leader who knows exactly what they want, but some people mistake you for being a bitch. 


You’re a people pleaser. You lie to make people feel better. You embellish stories to make people laugh. You gossip to make people like you. You say what you think people want you to say instead of being authentic. You put on an act. You wear fake smiles. You never let anyone see your true self.

You’re a people pleaser who cares more about others than yourself, but some people mistake you for being a bitch. 


You’re needy. You’re clingy. You get attached easily. You always want the attention directed toward you. You try to one up everybody else. You get whiny when someone ignores you. You get moody when things don’t go your way. You get jealous when your best friend makes new friends. You like to be on top of the person you’re dating in public, so everyone else knows to back the F off.

You’re affectionate to those who matter most to you, but some people mistake you for being a bitch. 


You do everything in extremes. If you hate someone, you’re vocal about it. If you like someone, you’re vocal about it. You say what you mean and mean what you say. You don’t hold back, even if your comments hurt. You’re painfully honest. You’re impulsive. You do things without thinking of how they’re going to impact the people around you.

You’re blunt and believe in unbridled honesty, but some people mistake you for being a bitch. 

Only Child

You keep to yourself. You turn down party invitations. You take forever to answer texts. You pop in headphones or read a book during your free time, so no one approaches you for small talk. You think you can do everything by yourself, so you never ask for help. You come across as a snob. As someone who doesn’t want to be bothered and would rather be left alone.

You’re strong and independent, but some people mistake you for being a bitch.