This Grandma Didn’t Realize She Was Actually Sending Her Grandson A Hilariously Inappropriate ‘Children’s Book’


Oh, grandmas — they’re so cute and pure and have a habit of accidentally buying their grandchildren inappropriate gifts. What would we do without them?

Like this woman, who sent her 6-year-old grandson a children’s book she thought he’d enjoy. Little did she know, it wasn’t actually a children’s book…

It turns out the book, titled “If Animals Could Talk,” is a little less innocent than one would hope.

At least some were a little less inappropriate than some would think (or hope)?

Unfortunately, they didn’t catch the mistake before it was too late…

And Grandma was 100% innocent, we swear!!!

So… is there an audiobook version?

Tbh I’m probably going to buy this book for all my friends now.