Why Girls Who Travel End Up In The Strongest Relationships


When you travel outside of the small cities you grew up in, you come to understand yourself and the world in a different light. Suddenly, the town you grew up in seems so small in comparison to the rest of the world.

When you travel you see how other cultures view relationships with their friends, their loved ones and their families.

You experience new tastes, new smells, new languages and a new joy you never quite felt before.

You view how the sun and the moon still exist the same way it did before, but you exist in a whole new way when you see them from the different cities you travel to.

You meet new people who make you realize that your anxiety about stepping foot on the plane was a leap into the direction you were meant to go in all along.

The new people you meet will shape you into a person so different from who you were before.

Before travelling you thought home could only be one place, only be one person; you suddenly realize that when you are happy on your own, you were home all along.

Home isn’t another person.

When you travel you realize that home is a state of mind that you can carry with you in the cities and relationships you float through.

And when you finally realize that you were home all along in these new cities and new experiences that challenge you and change you, you realize that being happy on your own leads you to meeting the person you deserve.

You deserve the person who can be happy being on their own without you, someone who is happy to travel and experience new cities and places and foods with you.

These new experiences shape you to become a person so very different from the person before you travelled.

These new experiences help you become not as selfish, not as worried about what other people think.

Traveling to new places and creating new experiences makes you understand yourself.

It makes you realize why you think the way you do.

It makes you realize why your relationship with that one person means so much to you.

It makes you understand why it couldn’t work with that one person.

It makes you smile with the realization that maybe it will work with that person you just met.

Meeting new people makes you realize that you deserve more than settling for a relationship in the small town you once thought was the end of the earth. It makes you realize that maybe you deserve more than a simple life sheltered between the small roads of your city.

It makes you see how other people in other cultures view relationships and how they treat each other in ways you never realized existed.

It makes you analyze every relationship in your life.

It makes you realize what you want to get out of life.

It makes you realize that you deserve more than settling for a simple life when you really deserve the world.