This Guy Fed His GF Chicken Nuggets While She Got Her Nails Done And They’re True Couple Goals


If you want to see what the perfect relationship looks like, look no further — we’ve got everything you need right here.

Twitter user Lea Adame was getting her nails done when she noticed something interesting about the couple next to her.

I mean, honestly, I would be impressed too. She even added a picture for proof.

According to Buzzfeed News, Adame overheard that the girlfriend was meeting her boyfriend’s mom for the first time, which is cute enough as it is. Honestly, I would be happy if anyone fed me chicken nuggets, but while simultaneously getting my nails done and meeting my boyfriend’s mother for the first time? Please, someone needs to marry that man immediately or I’m going to.

And apparently, the girlfriend from the photo found the tweet and was grateful that such a loving, beautiful moment was captured on camera for the world to see.

Never let him go, girl. That is true love.