This Man Found An Abandoned WWII Airstrip In The Middle Of Nowhere And It’s Both Creepy And Beautiful


If you’ve ever been to an abandoned historical site, you’ll know what I mean when I say there’s something both beautiful incredibly eerie about them. I’m not sure if it’s just because they’re so quiet or if it’s because there’s a 98% chance they’re definitely haunted, but something about them always makes my skin crawl.

So when CanadaSpeedoMan took to Imgur to share photos of an abandoned WWII airstrip he stumbled across in a remote area of Greenland, I wanted to die, because you know that place is DEFINITELY haunted.

He wrote:

Just last week my wife and I had the opportunity to take part in a backcountry expedition to South East Greenland. After days and miles and miles of trekking through the fjords, we arrived at the site of “Bluie East Two”. It was EXTREMELY remote and pretty eerie to find that far away from civilization.

In the past, the site was used to fuel planes going between the US and Europe, as it was otherwise completely inaccessible except for by boats at certain times of the year (though, because of the sea ice, even boats often couldn’t reach it).

Now, all that’s left is the remains of the airstrip, which has, for the most part, remained untouched.

According to CanadaSpeedoMan, some of the barrels still had fuel in them.

Here’s a picture of the hangar, which has been stripped down to its bare bones.

Seriously, how can this be so pretty and so creepy at the same time??? I’ll never understand.

What’s particularly crazy is when you look at older pictures and see how the places used to look, like these snapshots of the same area decades apart (just look at the shape of the mountaintop):

The site remains generally untouched now, but it won’t be for long — the Danish and Greenland governments agreed it was time to clean up the area, which they plan to begin doing in 2018. If you want to see all the beautiful, creepy imagery for yourself, you’d better act fast.