This Husband Is Suing Uber Because His Wife Used The App To Prove His Cheating


A French businessman filed a lawsuit against Uber after the app unknowingly tipped his wife off about his affair.

The man claims the glitch happened after he used his wife’s phone to request an Uber. Though he logged out of the app immediately after, the app continued to send notifications to his wife’s iPhone, alerting her each time he ordered a ride. Unfortunately for him, this was often when he was visiting the woman he was cheating with.

This is not a good sign for Uber, which already suffered from the #deleteuber movement earlier this year, which reportedly led approximately 200,000 people to delete their accounts. The man, who chose to stay anonymous, is reportedly suing the company for $48 million.

While the couple has since divorced, it doesn’t look like the lawsuit will be going anywhere soon. Other users reportedly encountered the iPhone glitch until a software update in December.

I guess that’s a lesson to us all: if you’re going to cheat, don’t use an app that’s been connected to your significant other’s phone. But also, maybe don’t blame the app for the end of your marriage.