Why Michael’s Death On ‘Jane The Virgin’ Feels Surreal


The writers sort of gave hinted that Michael’s appearance on the show would be temporary right from the beginning when the narrator occasionally mentioned that Michael never stopped loving Jane “for as long as [he] lived, until he drew his very last breath, he never did.” I, honestly, like many of you wondered why that line kept coming up but I did not think there was more to it. I mean, we thought Jane would be with Rafael. Then we thought Michael might die when he got shot. And, just when things started going for Jane and Michael, he was gone. We did not see that coming and we are not prepared for it. Michael and Jane always found their way back to each-other. Their story unfolded to be fairytale like, once in a life time kind of relationship.

And in that moment, I realized that despite the melodramatic events that take place on the show, there is truth to the issues that are talked about. This one in specific, we can relate. As we often wait for our life to get back to normal, for things to settle down. We try so hard to fix things and make everything okay for a little while. So we carry more than we should and we hold ourselves responsible for more than we can handle. Just like Jane, we want life to go according to what we want.

But at the end of the day, no matter who we are or where we are: things happen. Plans go wrong. People change. Love fades. Relationships fail. Nothing is certain in life and nothing lasts forever. It makes life interesting, painful also.

We lost a character we loved and admired. A character we identified with. Jane lost a partner. Rogelio lost a best friend. Xiomara’s dream for her daughter to live the life she didn’t have didn’t really happen. Alba must be heartbroken to see Jane, just like her mother, will be a single mother. Truth is I was raised by a Jane. And once too many times, I am so scared that one day, some time in my life I could be a Jane, too. To all the single parents out there, thank you. And to anyone who is going through a very dark time, don’t give-up because you can’t see the light yet. Don’t give-up because you fear the pain will never end. Don’t give-up. Give yourself a chance. Give your dreams a chance. Your time is coming it has not arrived yet, that’s all.

How will Jane deal with losing Michael; the love of her life? How is she going to accept that the life they had together and the future they were working towards are gone? Will the cycle get broken? Or, will the history repeat itself? I guess we have to wait and see.

Maybe it reminds us that bad things happen so better things can take place. Maybe it reminds us of how powerful hope can be and that no matter what happens in life, we must go on, move on to better things.

This show is hilarious, dramatic and corny. The script, the actors, the production, are all brilliant. I command the creativity of this show and the message it continues to deliver every episode. It is in-deed one of my favorite shows of all time.