This Is For The Ones With Jealousy Running Through Their Veins


This is for you.

This is for trying, and I repeat trying, to destroy me because you are simply jealous.

It must be exhausting; being so caught up with everyone else and pouring all of your energy into everyone but yourself. This is for you. The one with bitterness suffocating your heart, jealousy running through your veins and envy seeping through your pores. This is for the ones who invest their time in trying to destroy others for their own personal fulfillment. The ones who see something they want but cannot have and set out on their own journey of ruination.

It’s safe to say that jealousy is a part of human nature. It is natural to want what we cannot have and therefore become resentful to a degree. However, there are some who carry the green-eyed monster a lot deeper inside of them than others. It’s at the core of their values, morals, and beliefs. It builds on their superiority complex that they deserve the very best, and if they can’t have it then no one can.

Being a teenage girl myself, I believe we can be some of the most jealous people on the planet. Rather than encouraging each other for our achievements and supporting one another, I often see girls and women dragging each other down. Being nasty, spiteful, snide, malignant. I am disgusted in the way I see girls use their jealousy as a way of tormenting and intimidating one another. Every day we advertise ourselves to each other – who has the best fashion, the best body, the perfect hair and skin, the most friends, the most attractive boyfriend, the nicest car, the best life. We don’t do this as a means to admire one another, we do it to prove ourselves to each other – to encourage jealousy. We then use each other’s weaknesses to tear others down.

However, here is my advice to you, the jealous, envious, resenting one. Rest. Put to bed the little monster that turns your heart so bitter and evil. Come to accept the fact that you will not always get your way. You will go through life and miss out on things you want because you didn’t try hard enough for them and sometimes simply because they are beyond your reach. When you see that someone has something you want – brains, beauty, success, materialistic items – admire them, congratulate them if you feel like it. But, despite the green-eyed monster trying its hardest to jump up your throat and unleash itself, take a deep breath, swallow and let your admiration radiate.

Do not let jealousy rule your life – it breeds nothing but nastiness.

Stop yourself before you find you are in ruins.