This Is How The Divorce Of Our Parents Changes Us


It’s funny how one moment can change your life and the way you see everything; one day you were just enjoying the sunset then the next day it becomes something you can’t stand to see because of all the memories that come along with it.

They aren’t sad memories, but very happy ones. What makes them sad is the fact that it will definitely never happen again.

The moment your mom tells you that dad is going to be gone for a week, or the moment your dad tells you that mom is going to be living with grandma for a while, changes your life forever. And when the time when we realize that waiting every afternoon by the window is useless because dad won’t come home or the time we stop dreaming about mom and dad talking things through and having a happy ending comes, something inside us just breaks.

It breaks us in a way different from any kind of heartbreak. It changes the person we are and affects the person we are to become.

It messes us up because the only thing we thought that would be stable in an unstable and inconsistent world falls apart right in front of us.

The warmth of coming home to both parents under the same roof or a complete family becomes a memory and a dream. Instead, we’re left with a chilling atmosphere and the feeling that something is missing.

As we grow up, we develop major trust issues and we try to live with the mentality that everything is temporary.

We do everything in our power to avoid feeling that same kind of pain again. Our perceptions on love that were once beautiful distort to some that are antonymous.

We’re broken for a while (which may not even be “a while”) and we continue to bleed every time we try harder to keep everything together. But with time, of course we eventually heal step by step.

We learn the importance of being understanding, and alongside this, we learn how to look on the positive side.

Because if we didn’t learn, we’d still be stuck in that winter of 2005 when dad left the house or the summer when mom moved out.

Tragic experiences like this not only make us wiser, but also better people. We make use of the things we learn from experiences like these throughout our life because now we know.