This Is How We Learn To Stand Again


Life experiences have molded our own identity, as well as they have built walls against other beliefs, other ideas, and even other people.

We cannot blame the past, all the things which have already happened. We cannot change it, we cannot erase it, we cannot replace it, and we cannot run away from it.

In the middle of the night, it haunts us like a ghost which would bring us the fear. No matter what you name it – depression or anxiety – you already know that it was born from our imagination. It is the fear which holds us back.

We are becoming a victim, a slave, or a servant to this scary creature. As if we are making a rational reasoning to why we cannot move forward, why we cannot take a little step further or to why we cannot set on a new journey.

The worst enemy is ourselves, who are trying to defend something but we feel like we are not strong enough, who are just waiting for a moment to scream out for the freedom, who holds back to take every chance because of the fear of failure.

We keep denying the true self. We are feeling guilty for being of who we really are. We are protecting our heart from other’s criticisms, judgments, and rejections. We let our mind being controlled by ignorance, numbness, and hate.

We have always hoped that these imaginary enemies will suddenly fade away. We have always wished every hurtful emotion will go away.

But instead, we learn how to face the beast living inside us.

We learn how to confront all the monsters growling in our mind. We turn on the light in the midst of darkness. We rebuild ourselves from those broken pieces. We become gentle with all the harsh feelings we get. We laugh in times of unbearable pain. We set ourselves free by breaking chains that have bound us.

We learn how to stand up again after we fall a thousand times.